Co-op Home Saver account

Bristol CLT and Bristol Credit Union have launched a savings account for Bristol CLT members called Co-op Home Saver.

The Co-op Home Saver account has been designed to help Bristol CLT members and members of associated groups (for example housing co-operatives and self builders) to save toward the cost of buying a shared equity stake in a Bristol CLT home or to put toward the cost of preparing and moving into a new home.

Features include:

1. No minimum balance/deposit amount.

2. Deposit via standing order/Paypoint/cash/cheque

3. Instant access to funds

4. Annual dividend on savings (1% last financial year).

5. Withdrawals via cheque or BACS to nominated bank

6. Priority access to BCU mortgage applications once offered by Bristol Credit Union

How to apply

If you are not already a member of Bristol Credit Union then you will need to join first. You can join on-line or in person – see the Bristol Credit Union website for full details:

Once you’re a member you can ask to open your Co-op Home Saver account and start saving.

We have also developed a savings calculator to help members work out how much they need to save for and adjust the time period or amount according to individuals circumstances and need: Saving calculator


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