Help us name the Bristol Community Land Trust Savings Account!

BCLT has teamed up with Bristol Credit Union to come up with a unique savings account. This account is designed to help BCLT members and members of associated groups (for example housing co-operatives and self builders) to save toward the cost of buying a shared equity stake in a BCLT home or to put toward the cost of preparing and moving into a new home.But there are also a number of additional wider benefits of saving through Bristol Credit Union including:

– helping BCLT members to plan their long term financial future
– supporting local community housing and assets
– helping to support a future opportunity for BCLT to purchase assets
– helping to support a future opportunity for members to get mortgages through Bristol Credit Union for BCLT homes.

We need members help to come up with a suitable name for this account. We’ve set the ball rolling with a few suggestions…

– Co-op home saver
– Co-op future saver
– Co-op community saver

Let Anna:  know if you have any suggestions! We need a name that inspires people to sign up!

Once we had decided on a name, the account will be set up and ready to sign up to in a months time. In the near future, you will be able to sign up online for this account with no need to send out documentation. More details to follow.

For more information on Bristol Credit Union and how it provides local ethical community banking please see:

Thanks for your help,

Anna Maloney
Bristol Community Land Trust Development Officer
Office: 0117 931 9789
Mob: 07985 407762

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