Welcome to Bristol Community Land Trust


Bristol CLT is a new community land trust initiative working across the city. The focus is on providing accomodation for those who cannot afford housing on the open market but are unlikely to qualify for social housing. Bristol CLT launched in January 2011 and is incorporated as a Society for Community Benefit.

A Community Land Trust is a non-profit organisation that owns assets such as land and buildings and holds them for the benefit of a particular community or area. CLTs can be used to provide affordable housing that is controlled by members of the local community, rather than by a housing association.

Bristol City Council has agreed to provide finance to support the first Bristol CLT scheme. Homes could be sold on an equity-share basis, for example, at around 50-70% of market value. An element of self-finish (where members complete internal works, for example kitchens and bathrooms) may be included in the project, reducing the costs of home ownership even further.

Bristol is already recognised as a leader in community-led self-build, with the Ashley Vale development in St Werburghs being awarded the prestigious Building For Life Award in 2010 – the first self-build scheme in the country to receive this accolade.

See the How to get involved page for further information on how to become a member or get involved in BCLTs work.

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